The Ouessant Ram Fund


Breeding time is near and we at Capella Grazing Project are looking to get the sheep a boyfriend. Boyfriends are expensive these days, and so we will be putting together a fundraising effort via Barnraiser. All told, we will be raising $3,000 by September in order to continue this ancient breed of sheep’s line, thereby providing a living link to the genetic heritage and diversity of our ancestors.

Meet Zita


In May 2014, the sheep of Capella Grazing Project acquired the company of a new member: a livestock guard dog named Zita. Zita is an experienced guardian, bringing ten years of experience with goats to the project. She is a Maremma, an Italian breed of guard dog, known for their calm and friendly demeanor with both livestock and people. Hard workers, Zita is always on the alert for predators. Even when she is napping. CGP is lucky to have her! Good dog, Zita!